"People have choices, animals don't."
W E L C O M E   T O   O U R   H A P P Y   T A I L S 
Meet our new families! 
Congratulations to Janis and Ken on their new yorkie pup, Lulu; an 8 month old 2.6 lb female who not only gained new parents but a big brother as well. She is sure to have a very happy life and we could not be happier for her.
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Hope was dumped off at a shelter because the owner claimed she was moving... after 12 years of loyalty... we believed Hope deserved better than that. Because she was a senior yorkie, she was deemed unadoptable. Her future was bleak. Florida Yorkie Rescue took her into our program and were able to find her a great new family...Linda and Dave! What a wonderful pair to adopt this precious senior girl who still has many healthy years ahead of her... click onto all images to enlarge.

Hope's Final Journey - Youtube Video
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Congratulations Rich & Gina for opening your hearts and home to this precious little baby... she needed a very special couple to nurse her back to health and continue to address her ongoing health issues... so many thanks from the Florida Yorkie Rescue Team.  Click here for Faith's Final Youtube Video
Augie's been adopted!

Congratulations to Dennis and Diana on the arrival of their new family member! Willis was adopted by a family who had other yorkies, so he will have plenty of buddies to play with! We could not be happier for this special little boy! What a "cutie-pa-tootie!"
Congratulations to Paula and Richard..they adopted Chewie today. If you do not remember his pitiful story please click onto his video below to see just how far this brave boy has come. He now has two new buddies to play with and a Mom and Dad that are sure to spoil him totally! We could not be happier about this adoption... What a happy ending!!! CHEWIE'S VIDEO.... CLICK HERE....
Congratulations to Gary and Nancy on the arrival of their new little girl; Bella Boo! She has a new playmate named Buddy. They hit it off right away... it was great to see.

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Mason got adopted today by Sheila and Dave; a couple who knew that Mason has a disease (Familial Canine Dermatomyositis) and they simply didn't care. To them he is perfect in every way.  I am so happy for Mason! He finally has what he deserves! A family that will love and care for him for the rest of his days!

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Mercy arrived in November 2013 after being hit by a car. She suffered a fractured skull and weighed only 4 lbs. It took her a long time to recover, but she did. She nows weighs a healthy 7 lbs and has been adopted today, Easter Sunday after a 5 month recovery. We could not be happier for this very special girl. New owners prefers to remain anonymous. Please click here for her full story.
Congratulations Tom & Linda on your new tiny boy Max. He has a new brother named Reggie.
Congratulations  Wendy, Annette and Philip on the arrival of your new little girl, Lily May! What a little doll baby she is!
Cosette has a new home and a new sister. Congratulations Donna and Kevin!