"People have choices, animals don't."
Thanks Raeann, Greg and Ruby too for adopting Jake! Click onto our videos to see his story.
Broadway actress Anna McNeely and husband Steve adopt Tucker, a little yorkie rescued from a Puppy Mill.  Thank you Anna and Steve for opening your arms and hearts to this special little fellow. Click onto our VIDEO page to see more of Tucker's story.
Jo adopts Bella (now known as Peggy Jean), a chocolate Yorkie... yum yum! Just adorable!
W E L C O M E   T O   O U R   H A P P Y   T A I L S 
Meet our new families! 
Congratulations Marlene.... there's a new pup in the house... and her new name is Chanel! Adopted at 12 weeks old... and what a sweet personality this little girl has. We wish you both a long and happy life! Enjoy your new 'furbaby" Marlene. She is just so precious!
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Introducing Riley
a tiny three-legged yorkie
We are so happy for Riley. He found an owner who chose him with her heart and not her eyes. She didn't care that he only had three legs. To her, Riley is perfect! Of course we agree! After years of neglect Riley is now in perfect health and will, we are sure; experience a wonderful life filled with love and spoiling. Congratulations to Dorris and Phil.
  Click for Riley's Youtube Video
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Introducing Peggy Sue
a tiny "special needs" girl
Congratulations to Rosalie, Johnnie, Beverly, and their yorkie Karli Ann (far left) on their new family member... Peggy Sue. They are committed to continue her medical care in trying to improve the function of her back leg. We had just bathed Peggy Sue that morning and she looked adorable... when we got to the adoption location... it was raining and of course she had to walk into each and every puddle. Hence, I have inserted  earlier photos of her. She's adorable.
Click for Riley's Youtube Video
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TIGGER was adopted today. Congratulations to Vicki & Peg and their Yorkie Mimi (on left) who is also a Rescue dog. SLURPS ALL AROUND! :-)
Florida Yorkie Rescue could not be HAPPIER about this adoption because Pixie and Toto got to stay together... Thanks to Cynthia and Gary; one of the sweetest couples we've ever met who agreed to give them both a new home and a new life.
Toto's Youtube Video
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Bennett & Blondie Adopted
Florida Yorkie Rescue is thrilled to announce that another bonded pair has been adopted. Nancy, Jerry & Lauren adopted BOTH Bennett & Blondie (9 week old siblings). We are sure they are going to have a fabulous life... congratulations to all!!!
Fido Adopted
Fido has been adopted and we could not be happier. He was one of the dogs rescued from the hoarding case in Hialeah, FL. He had endured a rough past of severe neglect and abuse. But amazingly enough, he was still a sweet little affectionate boy who desperately craved affection and love. His future is now bright. Thank you Murielle for opening your heart to this worthy little boy. Photo includes Murielle, son Christopher, daughter-in-law Leyna and a very happy looking Fido.
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Bridget Adopted
Bridget (a 10 week old morkie puppy) found a new home with Bob and Deborah. This sweet little pup is full of energy and is sure to keep the entire family on their toes! Have a wonderful life Bridget. We will miss you.  Congratulations to Bob and Deborah  and a BIG thank you for opening up your hearts and home to rescue this amazing little pup.
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