"People have choices, animals don't."
W E L C O M E   T O   O U R   H A P P Y   T A I L S 
Meet our new families! 
Irene adopts Baby Bitzi after surviving successful Heart surgery.
Ana adopts Max
Marty & Shelly adopt Abbey
Marlene, Kokito & Gigi
Maggie and Isabella
Nora and Herb adopted Bambi, a yorkie puppy!
Laddie gets adopted.
Linda and Alan adopt Bailey, a yorkie puppy! FYR had two litters surrendered to us.
Gizmo has been adopted. He is a tiny yorkie barely weighing in at 4 lbs. He lost the sight in one eye due to a injury caused by another dog. He is approx. 7 years young and he now has a new Mommy.  He has been a perfect gentleman since he arrived and Nancy could not be happier! Thank you Nancy!

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Congratulations to Sandy and Dave who adopted Tinker Bell (right) today. She now has a new "brother" named Nicki. Best wishes to the whole family!
Miss Posh got adopted today. Congratulations Jessie. I am sure Miss Posh will enjoy her new Mommy and all of her new playmates she will not live with! We are so happy for this little one. Yipee!
Twinkle got adopted today! She was our 12 year old resident senior who finally found a woman with a heart of gold to adopt her. Thank you Barbara for seeing past her "number" and giving her a loving and devoted new "Mummy" to love and care for her for throughout her senior years! We could not be happier for you both!
Demi has been adopted. She has a new Mummy and Daddy and a playmate named Gucci! Congratulations to Suzzi and Stewart on the new addition. We are sure you will all be very happy together!