"People have choices, animals don't."
W E L C O M E   T O   O U R   H A P P Y   T A I L S 
Meet our new families! 
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Congratulations Linda and Don on the arrival of tiny little Daisy.
Congratulations Helene & Kevin on the arrival of one of Pumpkin Spice's pups..... Peyton (now renamed Molly)
Congratulations to Amanda and her Mom Ann on the adoption of Pumpkin "Pie."
Cali and Gucci have a new Daddy. What a spoiled life they will have. Love at first sight! Congratulations!!!
Florida Yorkie Rescue normally does not take in breeds other than Yorkies and Malteses. But a dior circumstance arose and this little poodle and Papillon had no place to go, so we took them into our Rescue.  We were so happy to have found Theresa, a woman who was willing to keep this bonded pair together to join her home with her current little yorkie.  We were thrilled to know that Loni and Honey will not remain together for the rest of their lives. Thank you Theresa!
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Honey - Papillon
Loni - Tiny Poodle
Ana adopts Missy and Lizzy
Missy in Pink!
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Fiji Adopted
Fiji was one of the yorkies we rescued from the Hoarding case in August. She was recently adopted by Cira who also adopted Fiji's best friend Minnie from the same hoarding case. We could not be happier that these two precious babies will be staying together.
Whoo hoo!
Cira is from
A Better Life  Rescue...

Congratulations  Grace on the arrival of Tucker.
Duchess has been adopted. Congratulations to Wendy, Gregg & Jordan! GiGi now has a sister.
Congratulations to Dawn on the adoption of May Ling
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Congratulations Carla and Phil on the arrival of Munchkin and Snickers, now renamed Duque and Duchess. They could not decide which one to adopt, so they adopted them both and we could not be happier as this little pair of puppies absolutely love playing with one another all hours of the day and night. It is heartwarming to know that they will remain together for life!
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