Buster Brown - He is a very sweet 7 year old boy (born 7/26/03) that weighs 7 lbs. We think he is an Affenpinscher/Yorkie mix. He has a beautiful coat and a gentle and timid spirit. He is afraid of thunder and loud noises so would do best in an all adult home without a lot of commotion. He also gets along quite well with other calm dogs. He is neutured, vaccinated and received a dental cleaning all this past June 2010. He is microchipped and very healthy. He does need a bit of help with housebreaking but will use pee wee pads. Loves to be outdoors but will need a secure fenced in yard or lania. Just the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. He was dumped by owner because they purchased a younger smaller dog. So sad. They gave up an incredibly sweet little boy.
"At the end of every leash is a best friend..."


*If we do not have an FYR Representative in your area to do home visits, you cannot adopt from us.  Please email us before filling out an application to determine if you are located outside of our area. Most of our yorkies are adopted to residents along the east coast of Florida. We do NOT have a Representative in Miami!
*Because the full past history of a rescue yorkie can never be known fully, it is our policy not to adopt to families with small children under the age of 12.

* We are getting many calls asking for our address. We do not have a location that can be visited by the public.  Our yorkies are all in foster care in private homes. Please fill out an online adoption application to be considered.

Some of you on our waiting list have called to say you continue to see new yorkies posted on our site for adoption and wonder why you have not been contacted about them.

Our goal is to find the perfect family for our dogs. If you have stated you have cats, we then must find a yorkie who is cat friendly.

If you have stated you want a dog that is totally housebroken, then we must wait until one becomes available.

If you have other dogs already living in your home, we need to find a yorkie that is pet friendly.

There can be many reasons why you may still be on our waiting list. Some applicants simply will not have the opportunity to adopt one of our rescue dogs. This is why we recommend that each and every applicant that applies continues their search for a rescue dog by also logging onto www.petfinder.com or www.adoptapet.com  Thank you for your patience.
ADOPTION PENDING?  Adoption Pending means we have chosen a family for that particular dog. The final adoption will go through based on a successful home visit. There are many variables involved in a home visit; a safe environment, compatibility with other pets, and compatibility with the new owners. 
Florida Yorkie Rescue has a 100% adoption rate!  All of our dogs find incredible homes. Please be aware that we do NOT ship our dogs. We only adopt within the State of Florida in certain areas where we have a FYR Representative to do the mandatory home visit. Our adoption fees are based on each dog's age and Vet bills.
FYR has a new Policy in effect starting April 1st, 2012 regarding Microchips. If a yorkie is surrendered to us that has already been microchipped then you will be responsible for paying the fees associated with re-registering that microchip within 7 days of the adoption date. If the dog has NOT been microchipped and FYR has to pay to have the dog chipped,  an additional $25.00 fee will be automatically added to the adoption fee.

Joy is one of the 5 dogs rescued from the Puppy Mill in Alabama.  She is probably 2-3 years old and weighs 8 lbs. She is the most skittish of all five girls but since december she has made major strides. We have seen her play with a toy, play with other dogs, wag her tail when petted and cuddle.  She will need some housebreaking. She will pee on paper but there is so much she has yet to learn. She will need a patient owner who will show her unconditional love so she will understand that all humans are not cruel and abusive.  She has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and has had a dental cleaning. She has been in foster care now for almost 6 months and her foster mom says she is a JOY to have, but she really needs to find a home of her own now.  Can you open your heart and home to this sweet girl?
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Introducing Nicky - Nicky is a young dog (4 1/2 - 5 lbs)  who should probably be an "only" dog. He is unpredictable. He gets along with some of our older laid back dogs but the younger puppies; not so much! He is about one year old. He is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his vaccinations. He is healthy and understands the word "kiss" because he will give you one every time you ask.  We think he was probably beaten by his previous owner as he frightened around newspapers and other items that could be used to hit him. He was dumped at an animal facility and we rescued him minutes from euthanasia which is why we named him Nicky cause we saved him in the "nick of time." He was deemed aggressive but he is really only afraid of someone hurting him. When put on a mild sedative he calms right down and is very easy to pick up, handle, hug, kiss, stroke, pet and cuddle. He needs to learn how to trust that peop,le will not hurt him. An experienced alpha owner who has time to work with him would be ideal. We are working on the potty issues. I adore this little guy and will be very picky where he goes. He needs a major break!
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Introducing Izzie. She is 6 years old (date of birth is 2-7-2007)  and weighs 6 lbs. She has a face to die for and a very sweet disposition.  Her owner had to work for very long hours and Izzie spent most of her time crated and alone. She will need help with housebreaking, frequent walks and prefers a stay at home Mom. She doesn't want to be left alone anymore. She likes a calm environment, car rides, scratches under the chin, and being groomed. She doesn't care much for kids and can get grumpy at times. She is small dog friendly and an all around agreeable little girl who just craves attention. She has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, is heartworm and fecal negative... will be ready to go to her new home soon.
Introducing Kirby. He is 5 years old and weighs 5.6 lbs. He is a very sweet little boy who will need some housebreaking lessons. He loves to go outside and is a great little watch dog. He has been neutered, has had a dental cleaning, is all up to date on his vaccinations, microchipped and is heartworm and fecal negative... will be ready to go to her new home soon. He is very affectionate, has a good appetite and has gained a bit of weight since he has arrived.  How could you resist this precious little face? Would prefer a home where he is not left alone a lot. He does get along with other small dogs but would do well as an only dog as well.
Adoption Donation: $395.00
Introducing Annie. She is a young dog, maybe 2 years old or so. She had a recent litter of puppies not too long ago and has now been spayed. She weighs
6 lbs and is ready for a new home of her very own. She is very affectionate, loves other little dogs and will play for hours. She has been spayed, has had a dental cleaning, is all up to date on her vaccinations, microchipped and is heartworm and fecal negative... will be ready to go to her new home soon. She has a good appetite and has gained a bit of weight since she has arrived.  Would prefer a home where she is not left alone a lot as she clearly hates being left behind.  She will need some help with housebreaking but seems very intelligent and should get the hang of it quickly... just needs to be walked frequently.
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Introducing Minnie. Minnie arrived with her sister Mia as three month old puppies. They were born on December 13, 2013.  It was soon discovered that Minnie's sister Mia has a severe congenital heart defect and unfortunately she died a month later. It was heartbreaking for us all here at Florida Yorkie Rescue; especially for Minnie who missed her sister greatly. Because Minnie was so tiny, she remained in foster care to gain a bit of weight and to help her heal from her broken heart. She is now 6 months old and weighs in at a tiny 3. lbs. She may gain another 8-16 ounces but that should be about it. She has not yet been spayed and you will be required to sign a spay contract. She is up to date on her vaccinations and we are working on her potty training but she is pee wee paper trained and is especially smart. She LOVES other small dogs and seem very happy and well adjusted now.  She is just the cutest thing we have had here in a very long while! She will be adopted to an adult only home, no children. 
Introducing Betsy. We estimate Betsy to be about 8-9 years old and her current weight is 4.6 lbs. She has a lot of spunk to her and her eyes are bright and healthy. She has a wonderful appetite in spite of losing all of her teeth and has no difficulty eating.  She is affectionate and sweet and very small dog friendly.  She would be perfect as an only "fur child", or as a friend to your current small dogs. She tested barely heartworm positive, which means the test results were only slightly positive. She is being treated with monthly heartworm pills and this alone should solve her problem. She also has a minor heart murmur, again insignificant and she requires no medication. She has had a rough life and deserves a special home for her senior years. Will you open your heart and home to this precious little girl?  She has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and had her remaining few teeth removed. She is pee wee paper trained but also likes to go outside for walks.

Adoption Donation: $195.00
Introducing Noonie. We estimate Noonie to be around 4 years old. He lived in a household with 7 other dogs and an elderly woman who could no longer take care of her precious pets. He was somewhat neglected but has gained a bit if weight now and is thriving since he arrived. He now weighs approx 3.6 lbs and doesn't need to gain anymore as he has a very tiny frame and short legs. He is an active little boy, very small dog friendly and has lots of energy. He will need to learn some housebreaking but he will go on pee wee paper. He has been neutered, has had a dental cleaning, vaccinated, and is heartworm negative and fecal negative. He is also microchipped. He needs a patient owner who is home more often than not. He loves to keep you company so if you are looking for a buddy you can take along with you everywhere you go, Noonie is your boy! He smiles and dances and has a winning personality. A great companion,  lap warmer and bed buddy! What more could you ask for? Because of his tiny size, no families with children.
Adoption Donation: $395.00
Introducing Buddy Bear. Buddy is a very tiny little 5 year old male yorkie (weight about 3.9 lbs).  He requires a lot of attention and wants to go everywhere you go. He is a great travel companion and car buddy. He will sleep in your bed or keep you company as a lap warmer. He is very tiny, so no children in the family. He would prefer if you were home all day as he doesn't like being left alone... not at all!  He has been a therapy dog in the past visiting Senior Citizen homes and would welcome that kind of assignment again if you are so inclined. He has had a dental cleaning and is neutered. He is heartworm negative and fecal negative and is ready to be adopted by that someone special. Is it you?
Adoption Donation: $395.00
Introducing Duchess
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Adoption Donation: Not yet determined.
Introducing Macey- Introducing Macey- She is almost one years old (born in May 2013)... weighing about 4.6 - 5 lbs. She is stunning, gorgeous coat of hair, very affectionate and the sweetest little pup you will ever meet. Unfortunately she was born with stiff back legs, which means her back legs do not work as well as they should. But that doesn't keep little Macey inactive; she runs, trots, climbs and stands throughout the day because in her mind she has no limitations. She was born this way and has learned how to navigate around her inconvenience. We diaper her at night because she doesn't have control over her bowels. She will be spayed before she is adopted. She needs a special stay-at-home Mommy to adopt her. No small children. She loves other small dogs!

These yorkies have had a rough start. Their owner was found in a hotel room near Tampa in a coma from a drug overdose. The owner died and an older couple adopted Cocoa and Luna. They were in rough shape but in the year and a half the new owners have had them, they have become healthy and happy dogs. They are spayed, micro-chipped, have had a recent dental cleaning, up to date on all vaccinations and on monthly heartworm medication.They are 4 and 6 years old and they need to be adopted as a pair. We will not split them up. They weigh 10 lbs each... totally housebroken, quiet, leash trained, housebroken, crate trained and small dog friendly.They are the perfect dogs. Current owner has serious ailment and must part with them. Since they are used to having owners who are with them all day, we prefer at least one person to be home more often than not. No small children. If you are interested in applying for Luna and Cocoa, please complete the online adoption application as soon as possible.
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Luna and Cocoa are currently in Tampa, Florida
Adoption Donation: $395.00 for the pair