Buster Brown - He is a very sweet 7 year old boy (born 7/26/03) that weighs 7 lbs. We think he is an Affenpinscher/Yorkie mix. He has a beautiful coat and a gentle and timid spirit. He is afraid of thunder and loud noises so would do best in an all adult home without a lot of commotion. He also gets along quite well with other calm dogs. He is neutured, vaccinated and received a dental cleaning all this past June 2010. He is microchipped and very healthy. He does need a bit of help with housebreaking but will use pee wee pads. Loves to be outdoors but will need a secure fenced in yard or lania. Just the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. He was dumped by owner because they purchased a younger smaller dog. So sad. They gave up an incredibly sweet little boy.
"At the end of every leash is a best friend..."


*If we do not have an FYR Representative in your area to do home visits, you cannot adopt from us.  Please email us before filling out an application to determine if you are located outside of our area. Most of our yorkies are adopted to residents along the east coast of Florida. We do NOT have a Representative in Miami!
*Because the full past history of a rescue yorkie can never be known fully, it is our policy not to adopt to families with small children under the age of 12.
ADOPTION PENDING?  Adoption Pending means we have chosen a family for that particular dog. The final adoption will go through based on a successful home visit. There are many variables involved in a home visit; a safe environment, compatibility with other pets, and compatibility with the new owners. 
Florida Yorkie Rescue has a 100% adoption rate!  All of our dogs find incredible homes. Please be aware that we do NOT ship our dogs. We only adopt within the State of Florida in certain areas where we have a FYR Representative to do the mandatory home visit. Our adoption fees are based on each dog's age and Vet bills.
Introducing Rigby - Rigby is a one year old male yorkie that weighs 6-7 lbs and was born on 10/13/14. He required Heart Surgery which was performed on January 28th, 2015 because of a birth defect.  He was also born with a deformed leg.

His repaired heart is working well but he was left with a moderate amount of residual pulmonary arterial hypertension which requires daily meds.

He has now been neutered but his deformed leg cannot be repaired or removed. His leg doesn't bother him, there is no pain involvedand he gets around very well.

He is a very sweet boy, affectionate, small dog friendly and active. It is just not advisable for him to engage in any very high energy activity because it could cause him to faint if his heart is not pumping normally.

The heart specialist said she would be happy to speak to anyone who might be interested in adopting this boy to explain what minor limitations he may have so that an informed decision could be made. Rigby has been with us for almost a year. He desperately craves a family of his very own. Would you be that special person?

Requested Adoption Donation: currently unknown
Adoption Donation: Not yet determined.
Introducing Macey- Introducing Macey- She was born in May 2013 and currently weighs about 5 lbs. She is stunning, has a gorgeous coat of hair, very affectionate and the sweetest little pup you will ever meet. Unfortunately she was born with stiff back legs, which means her back legs do not work as well as they should. But that doesn't keep little Macey inactive; she runs, trots, climbs and stands throughout the day because in her mind she has no limitations. She was born this way and has learned how to navigate around her inconvenience. We diaper her at night because she doesn't have control over her bowels. She is spayed. She needs a special stay-at-home Mommy to adopt her. No small children. She loves other small dogs!
Introducing Magnolia - Magnolia is a Maltese Papillon mix we think. She weighs about 11 lbs. She arrived pregnant and heartworm positive. The puppies have all been adopted and her heartworms have been treated. She does have irritable bowel syndrom but it is easily manage on daily meds... she has no other complications except she tends to drink a lot of water because if the medication so frequent walks will be necessary. She is extremely sweet and affectionate and will be your shadow 24/7.

Magnolia's journey since arriving can be found here.
Requested Adoption Donation: $295.00
Introducing Theo (AKA Teddy) -   He is a 2 year old male yorkie with an incredibly sweet looking face, beautiful coat and a personality to die for. He has recently been neutered, had his teeth cleaned and is now up to date on all vaccinations and micro-chipped. He is ready to meet his new family. He will need some housebreaking but loves to go outside and will do his business immediately.  He will come on command and knows "sit" and "down." He will sleep through the night with his new owner without making a peep. He is very loving and affectionate and gets along with other small dogs quite well but it will take him a few days to warm up to them.  He is very lively as most young yorkies are and will bond with his new owner quickly. He tolerated his bath, grooming and nail clip quite well.
Introducing Scarlet Jane - Born on April 21, 2014 she weighs about 5 lbs and is only two years young! This little yorkie is a chocolate Parti Yorkie so instead of being black snd white like most Parti Yorkies, she has the chocolate coloring. Indeed she is very rare and her eyes are almost hypnotic. Both her eyes and her nose are brown.  In all the years we have been doing Rescue we have never received a more stunning yorkie with an unbelievable long coat which seems to never tangle or matt. She is pee wee paper trained (sort of...lol) but will need a little help in that department. She is also a very active little girl who loves her toys and will walk around with one in her mouth often. She is small dog friendly but definitely likes to take the alpha role. She would do best as an only dog or having a friend her size or a bit larger who is as young and active as she is. She has been spayed, is up to date on all vaccinations, has been microchipped and has had a recent dental cleaning. She is ready to meet her new family. Careful attention must be heeded when she is near a doorway... she will bolt so it would be great if you had a secure fenced in back yard.
Introducing Molly May - Born on July 9, 2009. Molly is just about 7 years old and she weighs about 5 lbs. She is a Biewer Yorkie which originated from Germany. Google the name and you will find much more information about Biewer Yorkies. She is pee wee paper trained but will also go outside as well. She is small dog friendly but definitely likes a lot of attention. She is what we call a "Velcro girl" and is happiest when on your lap or in your bed.  She doesn't much care for long car rides and seems happiest when she is home with you. It would be great if we could find her a new owner who will not leave her alone for too many hours each day as she is used to having a retired owner who spent a great deal of time with her. She is spayed, has had a dental cleaning, lost 5 teeth, and has 12 cysts removed from her body. Her stitches are coming out soon and then she will be ready to go. She also had an ear infection which is being treated. she is up to date on all vaccinated, has had a fecal exam and heartworm exam, both negative. Her little tongue hangs out of her mouth at times which makes her even more irresistible.
Requested Adoption Donation: $395.00
Introducing Piper - Piper was rescued from a Puppy Mill. To our knowledge there is no physical evidence that she was used for breeding.  She is young, probably less than 3 years old and weighs 8 lbs. She is a Parti-Yorkie (if you are not familiar with this yorkie coloring please Google it). She has very few markings which are located on her hips so essentially she looks like a pure white yorkie. Her hair is stunning, very silky coat. She is very shy and will need some coaxing to come out of her shell. She warms quickly but will hide in an open doored crate at times when there is a lot of activity going on.  She loves to walk outside and is almost housebroken but will need a little more attention in that department to get her totally trained. She was rescued from the puppy mill a year ago but the person who adopted her could no longer keep her so she now needs a new home.  She is very sweet and does get along with other dogs as long as they are not alpha types that want to jump all over her. She has been here for about two weeks and has made huge strides so we feel confident that within a relatively short period of time she will be a delightful companion.
Introducing Griffen -   He is  currently 15 weeks old and weighs 2.5 lbs. He is slated to weigh between 3.5 and 4.0 lbs. based on the yorkie weight chart. He is a typical Yorkie; very sweet and high energy. He is pee wee paper trained and is on his way to becoming housebroken. He sleeps well in his open door crate at night. Because of his tiny size,  we will not adopt him to a family with children due to his  fragile nature. If interested please be prepared for a little TORNADO because he is an active little boy. Yorkies typical life span can be 16 years or even longer. Please keep this in mind when applying for him. Griffen has been neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, has been dewormed, fecal tested and micro-chipped.
Lilly belongs to our President and she has quite a lot to say for being only three pounds. Enjoy!  Posted on Facebook.
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