Buster Brown - He is a very sweet 7 year old boy (born 7/26/03) that weighs 7 lbs. We think he is an Affenpinscher/Yorkie mix. He has a beautiful coat and a gentle and timid spirit. He is afraid of thunder and loud noises so would do best in an all adult home without a lot of commotion. He also gets along quite well with other calm dogs. He is neutured, vaccinated and received a dental cleaning all this past June 2010. He is microchipped and very healthy. He does need a bit of help with housebreaking but will use pee wee pads. Loves to be outdoors but will need a secure fenced in yard or lania. Just the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. He was dumped by owner because they purchased a younger smaller dog. So sad. They gave up an incredibly sweet little boy.
"At the end of every leash is a best friend..."


*If we do not have an FYR Representative in your area to do home visits, you cannot adopt from us.  Please email us before filling out an application to determine if you are located outside of our area. Most of our yorkies are adopted to residents along the east coast of Florida. We do NOT have a Representative in Miami!
*Because the full past history of a rescue yorkie can never be known fully, it is our policy not to adopt to families with small children under the age of 12.
ADOPTION PENDING?  Adoption Pending means we have chosen a family for that particular dog. The final adoption will go through based on a successful home visit. There are many variables involved in a home visit; a safe environment, compatibility with other pets, and compatibility with the new owners. 
Please be aware that we do NOT ship our dogs. We only adopt within the State of Florida in certain areas where we have a FYR Representative to do the mandatory home visit.

Our dogs are not free. For an explanation of our requested Adoption Donations, click here
Introducing Rigby - Rigby is a two year old male yorkie that weighs 6-7 lbs and was born on 10/13/14. He required Heart Surgery which was performed on January 28th, 2015 because of a birth defect.  He was also born with a deformed leg.

His repaired heart is working well but he was left with a moderate amount of residual pulmonary arterial hypertension which requires daily meds.

He has now been neutered but his deformed leg cannot be repaired or removed. His leg doesn't bother him, there is no pain involved and he gets around very well.

He is a very sweet boy, affectionate, small dog friendly and active. It is just not advisable for him to engage in any very high energy activity because it could cause him to faint if his heart is not pumping normally.

The heart specialist said she would be happy to speak to anyone who might be interested in adopting this boy to explain what minor limitations he may have so that an informed decision could be made. Rigby has been with us for almost a year. He desperately craves a family of his very own. Would you be that special person?

Requested Adoption Donation: currently unknown
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Introducing Magnolia - Magnolia is a Maltese Papillon mix we think. She weighs about 13 lbs. She arrived pregnant and heartworm positive. The puppies have all been adopted and her heartworms have been treated. She does have irritable bowel syndrom but it is easily manage when keeping her on her strict diet... she has no other complications except she tends to drink a lot of water so frequent walks will be necessary. She is extremely sweet and affectionate and will be your shadow 24/7.

Magnolia's journey since arriving can be found here.
Requested Adoption Donation: $295.00
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Introducing Macey - Macey is five years old now and weighs a little over 6 lbs. She still waits for a home to call her very own. She is a special needs yorkie, but don't tell her that because she has no idea she has any limitations. She has a huge personality, is affectionate and aims to please. She is always inquisitive,  a great bed buddy and a TV companion.

Macey's birthday is May 15, 2013. She was born with a defect in her hindquarters. The Vet tried laser treatments, water therapy treatments and we took her to a few specialists. I am afraid that she is as she will be and nothing further that we know of can be done.  Considering her handicap (which she has yet to realize she has)  she gets around pretty well and can get her back legs up underneath her to push off of.  She does not have any control over her bladder so she will need to be diapered.  She also tends to get an occasional bladder infection however has not had one in a couple of years.
DIRECT LINK TO YOUTUBE VIDEO https://youtu.be/jvA3q22XiFc
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Pet Portrait

Kathi Ganong

Lynda Carlson

So much has been happening...
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Introducing Bitsy - Bitsy was rescued from an elderly backyard breeder. She is very sweet and probably 2-3 years old. She has given birth to at least two litters, (Shotzi is her daughter from a previous litter). The most recent litter was delivered on July 23rd. She had three puppies, two of which died. When we received her the third puppy was very tiny and dehydrated. Bitsy's milk had dried up and at only three days old, the puppy weighed only 3 ounces. Thankfully the puppy survived and is now thriving. Bitsy weighs about 5.6 lbs and has now been spayed and had her teeth cleaned. She has been microchipped and is up to date on all vaccinations. She is semi housebroken, willuse pee wee pads and gets along well with other small dogs. Her tail has not been cropped. She has a long tail.

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Introducing Schatzi - Her names means "Sweetheart" in German.  She was rescued from an elderly backyard breeder with 12 other dogs.  She is the daughter of Bitsy (pictured above) from a previous litter. She is very sweet and is almost one year old. Her future was slated as a breeding dog and fortunately we rescued her before that happened. She has now been spayed and had a few baby teeth removed.She weighs about 4.0 lbs and is chipped and up to date on all vaccinations. She is semi housebroken, will also use pee wee pads and gets along well with other small dogs. She is full of puppy energy and just as cute as she can be. Her tail has not been cropped. She has a long tail.

Introducing Sammie - She was rescued from an elderly backyard breeder with 12 other dogs. She gave birth to a litter of three puppies in July but unfortunately they all died before she came into our Rescue. She has been bred over and over again and when she arrived she was a bit overweight. She has been on a diet and looks much better now. She has been spayed, had her teeth cleaned, micro-chipped and has been vaccinated. She is very low-key, very sweet, very aggreeable, gets along with other dogs and is basically pretty much a perfect little love muffin. We are still working on her housebreaking issues. She does squat and pee in the house at times but we feel she will get that sorted out if she is kept on a walking schedule.She will also use pee wee pads.  she has already improved while in foster care. Her tail has not been cropped. She has a long tail.
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This tiny puppy and her mom came from a backyard breeder/hoarder. When she arrived she weighed 3 ounces and was three days old. She arrived with her mom who could not produce enough milk to sustain her. So she was syringe fed every three hours for many weeks. We were thrilled she survived. She has been able to stay with her mom yorkie for comfort as well which thankfully was an added bonus. She is now 8 weeks old and is almost ready to be adopted. She is pee wee paper trained and so far she does pretty well not missing the mark. Her yorkie parents weighed between 4-6 lbs and we expect she will probably end up being about 5 lbs. (our best guess). You will be required to sign a SPAY contract to have her spayed at the appropriate time. She will come with her first set of vaccinations. Puppy has long tail

Please be aware that Florida Yorkie Rescue does not adopt our puppies to families with children under the age of 12. If you have any questions please do not call our office, you can email us at floridayorkierescue@yahoo.com
Florida Yorkie Rescue is looking for a new home for this tiny four month old male Yorkie. He weighs 2.7 lbs and when he arrived he had aspiration pneumonia and weighed only 1.3 lbs. He was very ill but after hospitalization, he thankfully recovered. The previous owners did not know what was wrong with him. After an ultrasound and xrays our Vet discovered he has Congenital Mega-Esophagus. (If you do not know what this is, please Google it and do some research on it before applying. We would prefer to find him a home with someone who already has experience with this defect.)

He has now recovered from the pneumonia and has turned into a delightful energetic puppy who is very affectionate and has the best little personality. We have him on a diet now that agrees with him (and he has gained over a pound) and our Vet has prescribed meds for him as well. So far he is doing so well. He does regurgitate, but it is rare. We would prefer finding him a new home where someone has experience with this congenital defect. We are being very picky. Looking for someone who lives in Florida and does not have children or large dogs however this little guys loves other small dogs.

*Special note: Our Vet stated that as this puppy gets older his condition could actually improve although it will never go away completely. Well it has indeed improved. We feed him three meals a day... then after eating, we sit him up for about 5 minutes to prevent him from an immediate regurgitation of his food. Then he is fine to go about his business... running, playing and chewing on his toys. He takes two meds twice a day.If you met this puppy you would never know anything was wrong with him so please do not let the diagnosis scare you.

You will be required to sign a neuter contract.

Savannah was rescued from an elderly hoarder with 12 other yorkie mates. She is fairly young (best guess would be 2-3 years old) and has had at least one previous litter. She weighs 5.13 lbs but a better weight would probably be 5 to 5.6 lbs for her. She is a bit chunky.

She is very sweet and gets along with other SMALL dogs. When she first arrived she had terrible separation anxiety but since her arrival in late July she has since calmed down and no longer displays anxiety although we suspect she will have an adjustment period in a new home. Since her previous owner was home all through the day, we are looking for someone who may be home with her for more hours than not so she is not left alone for long periods of time.

She has now been spayed, had a dental cleaning, has been updated with all vaccinations, is fecal negative, heart-worm negative and has been micro-chipped. Her tail was never docked so she has a glorious long bushy tail! She will need some help with housebreaking.