Buster Brown - He is a very sweet 7 year old boy (born 7/26/03) that weighs 7 lbs. We think he is an Affenpinscher/Yorkie mix. He has a beautiful coat and a gentle and timid spirit. He is afraid of thunder and loud noises so would do best in an all adult home without a lot of commotion. He also gets along quite well with other calm dogs. He is neutured, vaccinated and received a dental cleaning all this past June 2010. He is microchipped and very healthy. He does need a bit of help with housebreaking but will use pee wee pads. Loves to be outdoors but will need a secure fenced in yard or lania. Just the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. He was dumped by owner because they purchased a younger smaller dog. So sad. They gave up an incredibly sweet little boy.
"At the end of every leash is a best friend..."


*If we do not have an FYR Representative in your area to do home visits, you cannot adopt from us.  Please email us before filling out an application to determine if you are located outside of our area. Most of our yorkies are adopted to residents along the east coast of Florida. We do NOT have a Representative in Miami!
*Because the full past history of a rescue yorkie can never be known fully, it is our policy not to adopt to families with small children under the age of 12.
ADOPTION PENDING?  Adoption Pending means we have chosen a family for that particular dog. The final adoption will go through based on a successful home visit. There are many variables involved in a home visit; a safe environment, compatibility with other pets, and compatibility with the new owners. 
Florida Yorkie Rescue has a 100% adoption rate!  All of our dogs find incredible homes. Please be aware that we do NOT ship our dogs. We only adopt within the State of Florida in certain areas where we have a FYR Representative to do the mandatory home visit. Our adoption fees are based on each dog's age and Vet bills.
FYR has a new Policy in effect starting April 1st, 2012 regarding Microchips. If a yorkie is surrendered to us that has already been microchipped then you will be responsible for paying the fees associated with re-registering that microchip within 7 days of the adoption date. If the dog has NOT been microchipped and FYR has to pay to have the dog chipped,  an additional $25.00 fee will be automatically added to the adoption fee.
Introducing Magnolia - Another precious little girl dumped in the street to fend for herself. She waited two days for her owners to return. She is the sweetest friendliest dog there ever was. We just adore her. When she arrived she weighed 10 lbs and is very young, we would guess under the age of 3 years old. We soon discovered that she had Heartworms AND she was pregnant. We do not know who the father is (scoundrel) and at one time we thought Magnolia was going to lose her puppies but with great medical care she had her puppies and is thriving. We think she is a Maltese and Papillon mix. Her Heartworm treatment has now concluded and she is ready for adoption.

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Introducing Rigby - Rigby is currently 11 month old and weighs 6 lbs. (born 10/13/14). He required Heart Surgery which was performed on January 28th, 2015. 

We took him in to see his heart specialist lon June 10, 2015.  His heart is working well but he was left with a moderate amount of residual pulmonary arterial hypertension. He will probably need to be on hearts meds for the rest of his life.

He has now been neutered but his leg cannot be repaired or removed due to the length of the surgery required. His leg doesn't bother him, there is no pain involved. He has gotten used to living with it the way it is.

He is a very sweet boy, affectionate, small dog friendly and active. It is just not advisable to allow him to run along the beach or to engage in any very high energy activity because it could cause him to faint if his heart is not pumping normally. I point blank asked the Vet if he could drop dead during activity and she said no, the likelihood of him fainting was more probable.

He will need a very special family to adopt him. He has so many positive attributes but at 11 months old and almost 6 lbs. he needs his permanent home. The heart specialist said she would be happy to speak to anyone who might be interested in adopting this boy to explain what minor limitations he may have so that an informed decision could be made.

If interested please complete the online adoption application. Keep posted for the latest information or log onto his page by clicking here.

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Adoption Donation: Not yet determined.
Introducing Macey- Introducing Macey- She is almost two years old (born in May 2013)... weighing about 5 lbs. She is stunning, gorgeous coat of hair, very affectionate and the sweetest little pup you will ever meet. Unfortunately she was born with stiff back legs, which means her back legs do not work as well as they should. But that doesn't keep little Macey inactive; she runs, trots, climbs and stands throughout the day because in her mind she has no limitations. She was born this way and has learned how to navigate around her inconvenience. We diaper her at night because she doesn't have control over her bowels. She is spayed. She needs a special stay-at-home Mommy to adopt her. No small children. She loves other small dogs!
Requested Adoption Donation: currently unknown

Requested Adoption Donation: $395.00
Requested Adoption Donation: $395.00
Introducing TAYLOR -  What a cutie-pa-tootie this little doll baby is! She is 5 years old and weighs a tad over 4 lbs. When she arrived she had a yeast infection in her skin that was so severe she had scratched all of her hair completely off her body and around her eyes.  Her hair is growing back now and she is looking great.  She has one eye that is slightly smaller than the other from an old injury. She is a very active and happy little dog, affectionate, gets along with other small dogs, loves to play with toys, rides well in a car and is almost completely houserboken... has had very few mistakes!  Currently she is not on any medication.
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Introducing PETAL. She is 3 years old and weighs a tiny 4.5 lbs. She has been spayed, has had a recent dental cleaning and is up to date on all of her vaccinations. She is fecal negative, heartworm negative and has been microchipped. They travel well in the car. SEE UPDATED NOTES BY FOSTER MOM WRITTEN BELOW.

Introducing TIMMY. He is 4 years old and weighs 6.2 lbs. He has a very sweet personality and is very affectionate.   Timmy has been neutered, has had a recent dental cleaning and is up to date on all of his vaccinations. He is fecal negative, heartworm negative and has been microchipped.  He travels well in the car. SEE UPDATED NOTES BY FOSTER MOM WRITTEN BELOW.

Introducing TOBY. He is 5 years old and weighs 5 lbs. He has a very sweet personality and is very affectionate.  When excited he will walk upright on his hind legs... so cute. Toby has been neutered, has had a recent dental cleaning and is up to date on all of his vaccinations. He is fecal negative, heartworm negative and has been microchipped. More information about his personality to be posted as the week progresses. He and his mates have just arrived. They do not walk well on a leash, have been inside dogs and are fully pee wee paper trained. They travel well in the car.
FILL OUT AN ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION    Requested Adoption Donation: $ 395.00
Introducing Tinker Belle -  she arrived with an ear infection, eye infection, bladder infection, bad teeth, hair loss and a flea allergy. She is being treated for all those infections and will continue follow up care by her new adoptive family.  She was spayed today and had 12 teeth pulled. A medical update will be posted soon. she weighs a tiny 2.8 lbs and is approximately 8 years old.
Requested Adoption Donation: $350.00
Photos above taken on 3/29/15
Notes from foster Mom about Petal and Timmy posted below:

Another "dream" pair for the Foster mommy. This pair is so well mannered and intelligent that it is effortless to care for them.  I've never had a dog that would lie down on the baby weight scale and be still--both do!  Grooming is a breeze--they just seem to know it's part of being a Maltese.  They both get along well with other small dogs, traveling is no problem--both have traveled extensively, and will curl up in your lap or be at your feet depending on the circumstance.  They are not house trained, but working on it.  They like the outdoors and are learning to walk with a harness and leash.  They sleep through the night and are very patient dogs. They are not given to barking nor are they jumpers--they will very nicely request to be on the lap or furniture.

Petal is more reserved, but coming into her own. What a sweetheart!  No eating issues or separation anxiety. She is quite the dancer and twirls on her back legs. 

Timmy is Mr. Personality.  He is smiling almost always. He will follow and always be nearby. No eating issues or separation anxiety.

Neither dog has been around children and have lived very sheltered and peaceful lives. The new family must be devoted to keeping  their lifestyle the same and dote on them. 

Prefer a new home with no dogs or a dog similar in size that is sweet natured and a very peaceful environment--not hectic with people and activities throughout the day.
Introducing Mr. Frodo - This little old man is still full of spunk! He is 12 years old and weighs only 5 lbs.  Very alert. Hearing is pretty good. Vision is okay. Housebroken! Will bark when he needs to potty. Will use wee pads but loves to go outside. VERY good eater. Soft foods are best. No digestive issues so he can eat whatever new mom feeds her dogs. Active and playful with other dogs.  Mr. Frodo is 7 lbs. of Senior Yorkie love.  He is 12 years old but you would never know it since he is full of life and bounces when he runs. Surrendered by an owner who fell ill, he’s been a perfect gentleman in his foster home.  Housetrained, he will let you know when he needs to go out. He loves to eat, nap, go for short walks or explore the yard, ride along in the car and get belly rubs. Mr. Frodo is not a big barker but he will let you know when you have visitors.  He’ll sleep quietly on the foot of your bed, is small dog friendly and would make a loving companion. Prefer retiree or stay at home owner for Frodo.
FILL OUT AN ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION    Requested Adoption Donation: $ 450.00
Introducing Lola.  She is a 7 month old Yorkie/Affenpinscher mix. She currently weighs 4.6 lbs and her date of birth is 9/11/2014. She has a fabulous personality, very sweet, fun, loves to play with other small dogs. She is set to be spayed this week. She is up to date on all vaccinations and will be micrcohipped as well.  She has a very short muzzle similar to the Affenpinscher which is commonly refered to a monkey face and she has a long tail. Just too cute for words. A real gem of a pup!
It's official. This little boy has been adopted and even won First Prize at a Fashion Show today!
Too cute for words!