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Tootsie was born in April 2009. She is a three year old 5.6 lb female Maltese who was born without a tail. The deformity left her incontinent and she must wear diapers for her whole life.

Tootsie had her Ultrasound done July 18, 2012. The Vet says she has multiple abscesses, pockets of fluid and a fistula in her colon. Surgery is not advisable at this time because it could only make matters worse. She has a 50/50 chance of getting her
"Saving one dog may not change the world,
but surely the world will change for that one dog."
- Author unknown
"Ordinary  Miracle" by  Sarah McLachlan
Tootsie's Vet bills total $9,391.91 as of Sept. 5, 2015
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Anaidid Fonacci - Miami, Florida
Karen Bethea - Athens, Alabama
Tammy Rabon - Valosta, Georgia
Marsha Kanterman - Tamarac, Florida
Thomas Ernest - Damascus, Florida
Lisa Clark - Aptos, California
Diane Dellafave - Bloomfield, New Jersey
Debra Oskolkoff - Ninilchik, AK
Lisa Jamil - Riverview, Florida
Regine Gudheim - Palm City, Florida
Jeffrey & Gina Wszeborowski - Steubenhill, Ohio
Harry Ramsey - Port St. Lucie, Florida
Tom Helton - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jennifer Boyd - Jacksonville, Florida
Stefanie Cromwell, Port St. Lucie, Florida
Jackie Casas, Delray Beach, Florida
Teresa Tredway - Largo, Florida
Susan Dunn - Gainesville, Virginia
Melody Ward - Traverse City, Michigan
Roxann Patzman - St. paul,  Minnesota
Carlee Johnson - Lakeland, Florida
Tsikhotska, Inna - Miami, Florida
Yvonne Karen Diasio - Stuart, Florida
Sandi Hillman - Longview, Texas
Roger & Linda Repp - Hudson, Florida
Marilyn Mason - Fort Pierce, Florida
Richard Ioimo - Land O Lakes, Florida
Long, Caprice - St. Johns. Florida
Jaqueline Casas - Boca Raton, Florida
Kenneth & Elise Kaphon - Tequesta, Florida
Marilyn Mason - Fort Pierce, Florida
Ann Thompson - Petal, MS
Lisa Hailand - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Betty Pletcher - Plymouth Meeting, PA
Grisel Velasco - Kendall, Florida
Patrick J. McCue - Tallahassee, Florida
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The Ligori Family - Tampa, Florida
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Anaidid Fondacci - Miami, Florida
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Rafaela Nita - Melbourne, Florida
Leslie Allen - Orlando, Florida
Sue McBride - Enumclaw, WA
Dalila Eljaua - Punta Gorda, Florida
In memory of Sheba and Gizzie

colon situation resolved. Her colon is enlarged. She will need to stay on antibiotic injections for at least 6 more WEEKS! Multiple blood work will be needed during that time to make sure her kidneys continue to function well. She will need another ultrasound in 2-3 weeks to recheck her colon. This is going to be a long term situation to cure and if we cannot get the colon infection resolved then Tootsie is going to die. No way to sugar coat this.

AUGUST 27, 2012 - Tootsie also went in for her follow up ultrasound this morning. Again, the news was bad. Her infection is not clearing up. She is on two very strong antibiotics and they should have worked by now. Her ultrasound still shows infected pockets…as well as Struvite crystals in her bladder which was not there 5 weeks ago… and it also showed a fatty tumor/mass in her abdomen that is quite large that also was NOT there 5 weeks ago. The Vet is stumped as to why these things would materialize in such a short period of time and we wonder if the very strong antibiotics have any blame to share in this. The Vet who did the ultrasound suggested possible euthanasia. It seems he feels that Tootsie may have to stay on daily antibiotics of Clavimox and Amikacin injections every single day for the rest of her life… or at least until they can no longer keep up with the infection. Not sure what to do about the mass in her tummy or the Struvite crystals in her bladder. We are seeking other alternatives and medical opinions at this time. Meanwhile Tootsie is happy, eating well and playing with the others. You would never guess that anything is wrong with her, so as long as she is experiencing a good quality of life, we will seek other answers and hopefully find a solution for her.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31ST. - Tootsie had surgery on 8/31 to remove a mass that was located attached to her bladder. The good news is that is was a sterile mass, meaning there was no infection found inside. This means that the antibitoics are working, and slowly killing off all the bacteria that is in Tootsie's body. We just bought another 40 days worth of Amikacin injections which alone cost $170.00. We are scheduling another ultrasound after this round of antibiotics are completed. We are hoping to be gaining on this huge bactierial infection... it is the only thing that will safe Tootsie's life. Prayers requested by all. Thanks.

September 18, 2012 - Tootsie continues taking Amikacin and Clavimox every day. Her incision is just about completely healed and that too it a good sign. More updates as they become available.

October 19, 2012 - Well we prayed for a miracle and received one. After almost three months of daily antibiotic injections...Tootsie had another abdominal ultrasound yesterday and the doctor could not find any pockets of infection... NONE! She is totally and completely clean! The doctor was extremely surprised... he did not expect Tootsie to recover from this and originally suggested we euthanize her. He shook my hand and congratulated me for my persistence. Well of course it had nothing to do with our persistence... it had everything to do with YOUR prayers, YOUR support and the man upstairs. The only downside was that she has now developed a bladder stone so poor Tootsie will need yet another surgery... it won't be a simple surgery but it WILL be one she can survive. More information to follow....

November 1, 2012 - UNFORTUNATELY Tootsie's infection has returned and we are not sure why as the last ultrasound showed no signs of infection at all. But here we are almost three weeks later and she is having problems again. We have cultured the infected pockets and the lab results showed that the original antibiotics will no longer work. The Vet has found two new antibiotics that should do the trick and fortunately they can be administered in pill form which means NO MORE DAILY INJECTIONS! We will do another ultrasound in several months... at which time we will check the bladder stone as well. Poor Tootsie can't catch a break! We will continue to pray for a miracle.

December 11, 2012 - ***Tootsie Update*** Even though we recently had some bacteria cultured to see what new antibiotics would respond to Tootsie's latest infection.. and even though she has now been on the antibitoics that were supposed to cure the current bacteria, she is showing signs that the bacteria is not clearing up... so back to the Vet we went today for yet another culture of her swollen fluid filled pockets on her hindquarters. She will need Bladder Stone Surgery soon as well but we have to make sure the bacteria is responding to the antibiotics before we do that kind of extensive surgery.

December 18, 2012 Tootsie's culture came back and her e-coli infection was found to only be receptive to Amikacin which needs to be injected on a daily basis. This is the original antibitoic she was taking months ago. There is another bacterial infection she also has and that culture is showing that there is currently no antibiotic that will cure it...NONE! She is now being given the Amikacin and we are hoping that perhaps we can get her healthy enough so that her own immune system can fight off the other infection.

2013 - TO PRESENT - Tootsie continues to struggle at times with reoccurring infections and is currently taking two antibiotic, one administered by injection once a day and the other is a liquid antibiotic taken three times a day. Based on trial and error this cocktail of antibiotics is the only thing that is currently working for her but they are expensive. With that said, for the most part she continues to enjoy a happy life. She is a very sweet and affectionate little girl and her foster Mom adores her.  She also must wear diapers and those diapers can get expensive as well. So any monetary donations made out in her name would be greatly appreciated.
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