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for the outpouring of love and support for Sam. He had fans from all over the world!

June 21, 2015 - LEFT FOR DEAD

Who could do such a cruel thing? Who? Could a human being actually be this cruel to a poor defenseless animal?  I am seriously sick to my stomach right now.

This little boy was found tied to a gate behind an apartment complex very early this morning (6/21/2015) before the sun rose. He was left hidden in high shrubs, in an area where no one would ever find him. Whoever did this meant for him to die. If it was not for a man walking his own dog near this area Sam would not have been found. His dog alerted him to something in the brush and there was this little boy. The man thought the dog was dead. No one knows how long he had been there. My heart has been through the shredder this morning. God help us help him.

His eyes are infected. He is emacitated, dehydrated, sun burned. No doubt this little boy has a long way to go. We are not even sure if he will survive.

Help us Save Sam -  a fundraiser for a poodle left tied to a fence in a deserted area to die.
Florida Yorkie Rescue would like to thank everyone for the love, prayers, donations and concern that has been channeled to us for Sam.
He is making progress but it has been very slow. He will need months of rehabilitation and has some health concerns that we are monitoring on a daily basis.
The doctor has put Sam on an additional antibiotic now because his white blood count indicates an infection.  He has been dewormed twice. He has a tumor by his anus and an enlarged spleen. He has a Grade Two Heart Murmur. He is having an ultrasound on Friday, June 26, and we will know more then. He actually lost weight the first day or so but now seems to be holding his own. He is still extremely weak but was able to walk a few steps outside in the grass today. We think he enjoyed the fresh air.

Judy Hipper
Crystal Rodriguez
Wendynet Otero
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June 26, 2015 - THE NEWS IS GOOD - Dr. Mary had the day off but came into the office this morning just to see Sam and run some tests. My husband was at work, but he too stopped by the hospital to check on Sam to see how he was doing. We were all so anxious to hear the results of his ultrasound.

The news is this: The enlarged spleen is shrinking back to normal size. The medication, the nutrition he is receiving are all starting to kick in favorably.

His blood work is improving. His white blood count was very high on Monday, but now 5 days later is still high but slowly coming back down so the two antibiotics are doing what they are meant to do.
He is still very anemic but those numbers are improving as well. He was at 10% but now is at 22% and normal is 37%.

He has been tested twice now for Lymes disease and other tick borne illnesses... both tests were negative.
He has an enlarged prostate and thickened bladder all indicating infection so we will continue the antibiotics as planned.

His temperature was normal. He was a bit dehydrated so he was given sub-q fluids today. He still is hovering around 7.8 lbs and has not gained any weight since arriving. The Vet feels that this is because all the nutrition he has been receiving is going towards fighting his infection and anemia but based on the results he is improving so I will now add another food to his diet that is more high in calories.

So even though he is still anemic, emaciated, a bit dehydrated and showing signs of infection based on the white blood count still being very high, he is slowly making progress. His fecal exam was negative too.

We do not know if his anal tumors are cancerous. They will be removed when we neuter him which is months away. He will also have to see an eye specialist but his eyes too have shown an immense improvement... like day and night. The dry eye drops which is costly will have to be continued indefinitely but I know his eyes are no longer hurting him. He might be a candidate for cataract surgery.

So for now we continue our protocol and he goes back to the Vet next week for another check up. This is going to be our usual routine now for at least a month or so while he slowly regains his strength and hopefully puts on a few pounds. So he is definitely not out of the woods yet... but for today, right now at this time... we are very hopeful that he will make a full recovery.

Please continue your prayers for Sam. If you can make a donation towards his medical expenses (which are adding up fast) you can find the information at the top of this page. Thanks everyone and God bless you all for caring so much about Sam. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
Sam is going to require a lot of medical care. He has had surgery to remove his anal tumors, neuter and teeth cleaning. He has glaucoma in one eye but hopefully the other eye would be a candidate for sucessful cataract surgery.  He will also need additional blood work and antibiotics. This is all that we know of so far. He will probably be in Foster Care for months, so please if you can,  donate towards his care. We have never received a dog in such critical condition and he deserves everything we can do for him.
Jamiee Jones
Wanda Trapp
Linda Ramsey
Carol Copeland
Adele Huesmann
Cheryl Katz
Jeanie Wallace
Ryan Andrzejak
Erin Dill
Cathleen Bleakly
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Malia Benson

Upon arrival, Sam's eyes were empty. He had lost all hope that someone would come to help him.
He was skin and bones, covered in over 250 ticks and just hours from dying a horrific death!
The video to the left was when Sam first arrived waiting for our trip to the vet's office.
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June 28, 2015 - 6:00 p.m.

We are all doing the "Happy Dance." Sammy is walking this afternoon... and I do mean WALKING!  Look at him go! Tears of joy here folks! It feels like a miracle.
Sam ow has fans worldwide. Thank you all fro the btotom of our hearts for helping us save Sam. His medical expenses will be extensive. He still needs two surgeries but cannot have them until he gains weight and recovers from his anemia.
June 30, 2015 - Sam's visit to the Vet went well. His blood levels are not yet normal but much imporved from the last time he was tested, so we are moving in the right direction. More blood work again the week of July 13th.

July 8, 2015 - Sam's lowest weight was 7.7 lbs on June 30th. Today he weighs 9.3 lbs! Yipee! 
Photo taken July 6, 2015
Click onto images above to enlarge and see Sam's progress after just 14 days with Florida Yorkie Rescue.
Click onto images above to enlarge and see Sam's progress after just 21 days with Florida Yorkie Rescue.
July 12, 2015 - Sam weighs 9.10 lbs. He has gained more than two pounds now in three weeks.  Hr goes back to the Vet's this week for blood work again to check on his infection and anemia.  He is doing great! Thanks everyone for your continued prayers.

July 14, 2015
A big thanks and huge hugs to Silvie Bordeaux for not only designing "Muffin's Halo" but for making it available to so many dogs including Sammy. He is still getting used to it but we feel that this will give him more confidence as he gets around. Sam is totally blind and we do not yet know if he will be a candidate for Cataract surgery. and
7-21-2015. Sam has been with us for ONE MONTH now and has gone from an emaciated 7.7 lbs. up to 10 lbs. today. He is doing so great. He had his blood checked this morning at the Vet's Office and he is still anemic but improving. He will have another ultrasound done this Thursday and surgery is scheduled on August 3rd to have his anal tumors removed which are growing, have him neutered and given a dental cleaning. IT'S ALL GOOD NEWS!
Sam received his very own Tuxedo and red monogrammed blanket from Debbie Keener in the mail. Thanks Debbie. Sam looks so handsome!!!
7-26-2015 - Sam now weighs 10.8 lbs. He is scheduled for surgery on August 3rd to have his anal tumors removed, to be neutered and to have a dental cleaning.  More details to follow.
September 29, 2015 - SAM UPDATE.... I know it has been way too long since the last update but Sam continues to hold his own. I took him to the Vet today and he now weighs 11.7 lbs. which is a gain of 4 total pounds since his arrival on Father's Day this past June. Sam vomited this morning and didn't seem like himself so I took him right in. The Vet gave him something to calm his tummy. We repeated blood work and his kidney levels are a bit elevated. We tested for anemia and he is slightly anemic again. We checked his stool and a Hookworm egg was seen... mind you he has been treated three times for Hookworms... so we will treat him once again. (There are no other dogs in the house that have it so he is not picking it up from other dogs.)
He does have Kidney stones which we know about... not sure if the elevated kidney levels have anything to do with that. The Vet said some of his symptoms could be caused from the Hookworms ...but all in all, he is doing o.k. He is resting comfortably now in his bed and as you can see his hair has gotten quite long so he is due for a grooming and bath this week. More photos to come after that has been done. Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes. Both Sam and I appreciate it so very much!
October 14, 2016 - Sam was admitted into the hospital suffering from a case of Pancreatitis. After two days he was doing poorly... would not eat an ounce of food regardless of how everyone tried to coax him to eat. I had a feeling all he needed was a visit by his best friend... Jerry, my husband. So Jerry got to the hospital around 5:30  on Saturday evening and as soon as Sam smelled his Daddy he ate what Jerry offered him by hand, and then dove his nose into his food bowl. I could just cry as I am writing this. Sam has been through so much. Dr. Rich stated that he must have been depressed because he was in a real funk. Maybe he thought we weren't coming back for him. He left on 10/15 with the IV still in his leg and if he is not doing well on Sunday we will bring him back in for more fluids. More than likely he will be brought back in on Monday during regular hours for fluids and further observation. *Update - He did eat again on Sunday morning but very little until Jerry got home at noon and then he ate well. So progress is being made.  Thanks everyone for your prayers. It means so much to us. 11/21/2016 SAM HAS TOTALLY RECOVERED!
Geoff Bodine, Nascar 500 Winner, supports Florida Yorkie Rescue and is a fan of Sam's.
Sam is ill 10/13/16
Sam in the hospital 10/14/2016
Sam at home with his Dad 10/16
Sam back in the hospital -  Tuesday, October 25 - Sam admitted with Gastroenteritis. Our Vet suspected something far worse, so an ultrasound was done and all of his organs are in perfect shape... so we just need to get his upset tummy settled and his diet regulated. He will be coming home tonight, Wednesday, October 26 and then perhaps back tomorrow for more IV fluids. Will keep you posted. 
October 28, 2016
Sam is home safe and sound after receiving antibiotics and fluids for three days. He is feeling much better and eating like a champ this morning. This is the best he has looked in over two weeks. He is being treated now for a urinary tract infection and gastroenteritis but is no longer uncomfortable. His appetite is coming back and he loves his new kibble. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Sam's medical expenses these past two weeks has totaled almost $1,000.00. Please consider making a donation towards Sam's ongoing care. Thanks and God bless Sam's fans!
Sam is well now, completely recovered from his Pancreatits and enjoying a wonderful Christmas season with his family.
"Saving one dog may not change the world,  but surely the world will change for that one dog."
- Author unknown
Sam originally came to us with a bulging disc in his spine among many other health problems. In the last weeks of his life he became more unsteady on his feet. He was totally blind and almost totally deaf. One day he just fell over. He was able to get back up again but within the hour he became paralyzed. He was rushed to the hospital. After a week there was still no improvement. We were hand feeding him, bathing him three times a day and he was taking several different kinds of meds to try to reverse the paralysis... but after a week we could no longer manage Sam's pain, he was still paralyzed and he was so tired. We both felt that Sam was ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge. It was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do.  He was such a good boy and extremely bonded to my husband Jerry. We would like to thank all the many supporters who donated towards Sam's huge medical expenses over the 679 days he blessed all of our lives. We are grateful beyond measure for the prayers,  the well wishes and all those who reached out to us and shared Sam's story with others. God bless you all. There simply will never be another Sammy. We loved you to the moon and back.