"At the end of every leash is a best friend..."
"Saving one dog may not change the world,
but surely the world will change for that one dog."
- Author unknown
Magnolia's Journey

October 8, 2014 ~ Magnolia was dumped off on the side of the road. Her crate was left by her side. Even though Magnolia was not locked inside of her crate and could have left at any time, she stayed there, assuming perhaps that her owners would soon return. She remained there for two days before she was picked up and turned in. She had been without food and water. When she arrived she was full of fleas, very dirty, dehydrated and hungry.  She was also pregnant! Before it was known that she was pregnant another agency (not Florida Yorkie Rescue) administered a Rabies Vaccination, Doxycyclene medication, Capstar, Penicillin, and steroids for the flea itching... many of these drugs are very dangerous when given to a pregnant dog and can cause a miscarriage, especially steroids.

Our Vet consulted with a canine fertiliy expert and we learned that the steroid injectionw as going to be the one drug that would more than likely cause her to lose her litter prematurely. So we have been launching prayer vigils for Magnolia in the hopes that her puppies will not die. Magnolia is a very young dog and we believe her to be a Papillon and Maltese mix. She weighs approximately 10 lbs.
October 13, 2014 ~ Magnolia had some blood work and it was shown that she was fighting off a huge infection. Her white blood cells were very high and our Vet started her on antibiotics that were safe for a pregnant dog to take. We thought her puppies may have died and her body was getting ready to abort them. So we scheduled a sonogram... and lo and behold, four healthy heartbeats were found. We are hopeful that she can continue to hold her puppies and will not lose them.

October 16, 2014 - We have another sonogram scheduled for Friday, October 24th and we are praying that Magnolia's puppies will still be alive and doing well.  We have been told that after a steroid injection is given to a dog she has a good chance of losing her puppies from 5 to 13 days afterwards. The next sonogram is scheduled on her 15th day. Please pray for Magnolia and her puppies.

The video to the right clearly shows four beating heartbeats.... this sonogram was done on October 13, 2014. Another repeat sonogram is due on October 24, 2014 to see if the puppies are still alive and well.
October 20th - Two blood tests were done. Her liver levels are much improved which means the antibitoic is working and her infection is now under control. She also came down with Kennel Cough but that too seems to have subsided. The results of Magnolia's progesterone blood test came back today. If it was low it would indicate that she was either losing her puppies or they were dying. Her levels were very high which is great news... so the puppies are still alive and growing. We appreciate all of your prayers... please keep them coming.
Magnolia had her puppies on the morning of November 10, 2014 between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.  She delivered three males and one female. Unfortunately the first born, a tiny male died soon after birth. The remaining pups are all thriving and doing well. Please keep this little fur family in your prayers. Thank you!

November 13, 2014 - Regrettably another male puppy has died. The remaining two (1 male/1 female) appear to now be thriving.