"At the end of every leash is a best friend..."

Macey's birthday is May 15, 2013. She was born with a defect in her hindquarters. The Vet tried laser treatments, water therapy treatments and we took her to a few specialists. I am afraid that she is as she will be and nothing further that we know of can be done.  Considering her handicap (which she has yet to realize she has)  she gets around pretty well and can get her back legs up underneath her to push off of.  She is independent, friendly and very affectionate. She does not have any control over her bladder so she will need to be diapered.  She also tends to get an occasional bladder infection however has not had one in a couple of years.

Adoption Donation: Not yet determined. She is a special needs dogs and can only be placed with a family who has the financial resources to provide her all the medical care she "may"need in her future years.
If you are interested in adopting Macey you need to know a few things:

1) She cannot be placed in a home with children. She is fragile.
2) She cannot be left alone all day. She needs a stay at home Mom.
3) Previous Yorkie experience preferred.
4) She is 5 yr old, we want to find an owner young enough to outlive her.
5) She has been spayed.
6) She has been microchipped.
7) All of her vaccinations are up to date.
8) She loves other small dogs.
9) Florida Residents only may apply.

She also has some numbness in her hindquarters and does not have total feeling.
She cannot be walked outside on the pavement because she will injure her legs and pads on her feet by dragging them. Since she has been in foster care, she has been an inside dog only (although she suns herself regularly out on the screened in lanai).

Macey has been in foster care with her Foster Mom since her arrival to Florida Yorkie Rescue. Her Foster Mom is home with her all day. Macey has other small dogs to play with. She seems happy and well adjusted. She is not kenneled or crated and she sleeps with her family members at night. We can only hope that some day the perfect new owners will arrive and see the perfection in her that we all see every day.
We created this page because we were getting so many inquiries about Macey from those who wanted to adopt her, yet they never even read about her condition nor even knew she had special needs; they just responded to her photo.  If after reading this page and seeing what type of home we are looking for, you wish to contact us, please feel free to do so.