"Paws for thought.... save a Yorkie today."
A word from Heidi:

The purpose of art is to create intimacy. Intimacy without linear purpose. It is about edification and expansiveness from the experience itself. Nothing can be something.

Welcome to my studio. A place of color, of meditation, of yoga and travels through the imagination. Travels without destiny, but a great escape and conspiracy to break free.You have to make it up as you go along.

This puts a burden on the viewer, they have a call to form a relationship with the art fearlessly and without bias in order to come away changed by that relationship.This is the intimacy of change.

It could be the colors, the lines, the form and light and shadow. It could be the negative space. But when the friend of the art gets comfortable with art, and allows a relationship to form, there will be an effect. And of course there must be a muse in the space. A fairy, a Tinkerbell, a sprite who dusts the room, canvas, paintbrush and mind of the artist with vision, and most of all, the ability to sit with the canvas when the time comes to slog through the mush.

Much of art is mush. But a good artist will share the mush, incorporate it into the work, consult the muse, and even when there is no linear goal or even payment at the end of the line, she pulls out all the stops.

Art is intimacy. Just like rubbing the ears of one’s muse. On the lap. As the brush strokes do their thing.
There is an angel in our midst and her name is Heidi Hansen. She is a very gifted artist who recently offered to  donate some of her original paintings to help raise money for our Medical Fund. For a limited time only, she is going to create an original Yorkie painting each month and auction them off. All the proceeds will be donated to the Florida Yorkie Rescue Medical Fund. Additional information on her next yorkie painting will be posted soon.
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Heidi Hansen donates original artwork to benefit Florida Yorkie Rescue
If you would like to purchase your very own original artwork by Heidi Hansen, now is the time. Our latest watercolor painting; "A Hammock Full of Yorkies" is now available for your bids during the month of June 2012. The starting bid is $150.00. The painting measures 22" x 28" with a 3" margin ~ Acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink and pastel on paper.If you would like to place a bid for this beautiful painting, please email Florida Yorkie Rescue. Send us your current bid, your name, address and phone number and we will be in contact with you. We will let you know if you have been outbid so that you may have the opportunity to place a higher bid. Shipping fees are not included in your bid and will be charged separately. Artwork is not framed.
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