"At the end of every leash is a best friend..."

Please help Florida Yorkie Rescue continue our work.
It's not JUST about paying the medical expenses for the dogs that come and go... but for all the dogs that remain behind for months and even years with special needs requiring expensive medical care.

For those of you who visit our pages on Social Media, you know how many heartbreaking case we accept into our program. With each new arrival, our purse strings are drained considerably but in many cases our Rescue is the last hope for these dogs. Unfortunately some of those heartbreaking cases end up remaining in permanent foster care because they are too old or they require special care and medical maintenance. We have made a committment to these precious ones to provide care for the remainder of their lives. If Florida Yorkie Rescue did not take these dogs it is not likely anyone else would. We believe every life is worth saving. We know you do too. Can you help us in OUR time of need? Thank you.
Sam's total medical expenses to date - $6,262.62
Sam was tied to a fence in a deserted area and left to die. His medical care has been extensive to bring him back to good health. Sam is still looking for a home. He is a senior poodle who is blind and has difficulty hearing. He is on daily eye medication for Dry Eye and Glaucoma. He also has kidney stones. Grade Two Heart  Murmur and an enlarged spleen.  He is completely pee wee paper trained.  Sam's Video.
Rigby's  total medical expenses to date - $7,356.17
Rigby was only a puppy when he first arrived and was seriously ill with a heart defect. He has since received life saving heart surgery but still required daily heart medication. He was also born with a deformed back leg which cannot be removed. It doesn't cause him any difficulty walking. He is a precious little boy that is desperately looking for a new loving family. He requires a calm quiet home.
Magnolia's  total medical expenses to date - $3,717.14
Magnolia was found abandoned next to her crate on the side of the road. She was filthy, malnourished, pregnant and heartworm positive. She gave birth to four puppies of which two died. After her puppies were weaned and adopted, Magnolia was spayed and then treated for her heartworms. She is a very sweet girl (probably a Maltese/Papillion mix). She has Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is managed with diet.  She had a dental cleaning and a mammary gand tumor removed in November 2016.
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Macey's  total medical expenses - $1,459.67
Macey arrived as a 5 month old puppy in October 2013! she is full grown now and the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. Her back legs don't work well and sometimes she will slide herself along the tile floor. This was a condition she was more than likely born with and could possibly be Spina Bifida. Other times she can get her legs underneath her and she will run like the wind. She doesn't have any control over her bladder and needs to wear diapers. She is currently not on any medication but  can ocassionally get Urinary Tract Infections. She is still waiting for a loving new home.
Tootsie's  total medical expenses - $7,499.25
Tootsie was born in April 2009 and has been in our permanent Foster Porgram for most of her life. The Vet She was born without a tail and the deormity left her incontinent and prone to e-coli infections of her colon. She has had to have multiple ultrasounds over the years. She has multiple abscesses, pockets of fluid and a fistula in her colon. In 2012 she had to have surgery to remove a mass next to her colon. She also has struvite crystals in her bladder and is on a special diet.  Tootsie continues to struggle at times with reoccurring infections and is currently taking two antibiotic, one administered by injection (one bottle cost $350.00) once a day and the other is a liquid antibiotic taken three times a day. Based on trial and error this cocktail of antibiotics is the only thing that is currently working for her but they are expensive. With that said, for the most part she continues to enjoy a happy life. She is a very sweet and affectionate little girl and her foster Mom adores her.  She also must wear diapers and those diapers can get expensive as well. So any monetary donations made out in her name would be greatly appreciated.

Jackie Casas, Delray Beach, Florida
Dalila Eljaua , Punta Gorda, Florida
(In memory of Dolly, Worf, Sheba, & Gizmo)
Terri Boggs, Orlando, Florida
Lara Williamson, Villanova, PA
Donated towards Sam's medical expenses
Carolyn Stromberg 
Donated towards Sam's ongoing medical expenses.
Trinh Lively, Orlando, Florida
Julie Atwood
Meg Wilkinson, Plattsburg, NY 
Donated towards Sam's medical expenses.
Theresa Cavazos , San Clemente, CA
Donated towards Sam's expenses.
Helen Hurley
Donated towards Sam's ongoing medical expenses.
Antionette Mackowiak -  Tampa, Florida
Diane Marvin -  Sewells Point, Florida
Linda worsham -  Vero Beach, Florida
Wendy DePinto -  Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Paula Gossett -  Port St. Lucie, Florida
Mercede Griffin -  Orlando, Florida
Christie Allman - Port St. Lucie, Florida
Michelle Schutte -The Villages, Florida
Stephanie Slack
Lori Hoover
Georgia Drimones - Ft. Myers, Florida
Erin Dill and Family (Rocco and Bruno too)
Deborah Ward
Dorothy Brink
Mayra Perez - Chicago, IL
Belkis Medina
Lisvet Garcia Cordeiro - Germany
Angela Gunter
Kassandra Castillo  - New Port Richey, Florida
Carol Brown - North Port, Florida
Estelle Chin, Taco & Minnie - Los Angeles, CA
Cheryl Crabtree - Staples, Texas
Mary Suzanne McCue  - Palm Coast, Florida
Sarah Althaus
Mary Weber - Seffner, Florida
Phyliss Cassidy - Ocala Florida
Roline Guerrier
Jian Licht
Christina Mayoka
Danielle Herbert
Donna Hood - Wetsville, Florida
Lisa Marie Izquierdo  - Elmhurst, NY
Nancy Capers - Naples, Florida
(Destinys Nana Reborns)
Gary L. Jones, Sr. and the Jones Family
Dan Blumer
Mayte Arias Arias  - Spain
Allan and Somer Carr - Montgomery, AL
Anonymous Donor
Maria Kerrigan - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Maria Cataldo - Glen Cove, Florida
Karen Fitzgibbons
Darla Ramey  - Liberty, SC
Kelly Bennett
Judith Hipper - Palm Bay, Florida
Julie Yim
(Toto, Lillie, teo, sky and best roast coffee family)
Natasha Harp
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Felicia Tittle - Creedmoor, North Carolina
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Antionette Mackowiak - Tampa, Florida
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Judy Olson - Forest Lake, MN
Diane Lalli - Poinciana, FL
Julie Atwood
Whitney Chaney - Knoxville, TN
M. Jean Sherwood - British Columbia, Canada
Dianne Schultz - Donation towards Precious
Karen Cossio
L Forbes - Upper Hutt, New Zealand. For Sam.
Rola Saghir - Phoenix, AZ
Diane Marvin & Woody Lancaster - Sewells Pt. FL
Teri Tufano & Lovie - Port St. Lucie, FL
Ron, Mary, Sara, Reese Kesterson
and Beau & Bubba - Houston TX
Jeanne Sexson - Leesburg, Georgia
Rosemarie & Robert Gray - New Kensington, PA
Barbara & James Helms - Pensacola, FL
Cindy Marks - Hollywood, FL
Danyel Moosmann
Noreen Jewett - For Sam's ongoing medical care.
Ryan Young - Canton, Michigan
Teresa Bradshaw - Douglas, Georgia
Wendy Fuhrmaneck  - Mount Pleasant, SC
Simone Domingues - Miami, Florida
Gail O'Leary
Laurie Dixon
Karen Vissepo  - Surfside, Florida
Maria Anton - Long Island City, New York
Stephanie Slack
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Holly Freeland
Adele Pittman - Vero Beach, Florida
Kathryn Tillman
Melissa Parker
Petr & Faye Malench - Sarasota, FL

Recurring Monthly Donation
Gale Sittig
Cheryl Gentry - Clarkston, Michigan
Janet Howe - Lake Worth, FL
Nicole Lytton - New Market, Virginia
Judy Fortner
Suzanne and Johnny Johnson, Florida
Terri Boggs -
Cheryl Scrupski  - Palm Bay, Florida
Jill McKinnon
(Donated towards Sam's medical expenses.)
Dana Bellino
(Donated towards Sam's medical expenses.)
Nancy Beth Kamhi  - Nutley, New Jersey
Jeanie Wallace
Jacqueline Varley  - Deltona, Florida
Cristina Isabel Vasquez - Boston, Massachusetts
Ken Bergmann - Jupiter, Florida
Carole Kiernan - Jupiter, Florida
Margaret Cipolla - Cleveland, Ohio
Dalila Eljaua  - Punta Gorda, Florida
Yvonne /Monkey Alvarez  - Huntington Beach, CA
Lori Palmer - Adams Center, New York
Terry Marine - Miami, Florida
Nina's Decor - Kara & Miss Prissy Pants
Mayte Arias Arias  -  A CORUÑA, Spain
Elizabeth Gonzalez  - McCordsville, Indiana
Gretchen Portwood
Richard Kemprich,
Jason, and our yorkies Penelope & Gia
Elizabeth Robbins  - Jacksonville, Florida
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Jennifer Laker -
Vicki Ray - Stockton, California
Zhuo Yu, United Kingdom
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Grace Bradley
Betty Wilkins - Texas
Pam Hallman - Tampa, Florida
Janet Bills - Valparaiso , Florida
Kayla Foy , Kinston, North Carolina
Robert & Wendy Rapisardi Jones - Stuart, FL
Susan Todd - Ford, New Jersey
Diane Perciballi - Upper Brookville, NY
Adrianne Farrar & Mikey Darden, Deland, FL
Carole Kiernan - Jupiter, Florida
Mary Corbin - Vero Beach, Florida
In memory of our Sweet Sarah.
Thamara Policard -
For Miss Lola's orthopedic surgery
Sandra Tidd
Helen Plowy - Bemus Point, NY
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Barbara Yañez Wrighton  - Chile
Laurie Levinberg
Craig Hiscox
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Tanya Hartner - Canada
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Alegria Hernandez - Oakdland, CA
Vickie Carnley
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Thomas Conlon
Yanette Vega
Kimberly Andrews - In honor of Sunshine.
Sandi Miller - Columbia, South Carolina
Slylina Walsh
Carmela Salvato
Cecil Robinson
Roger Peacock
Barbara Duncan
Angela Walstad - Garrettsville, OH
Matthew Bial
Odalys & Oswaldo Betancourt  - Miami, Florida
Evelyn Stubing  - For the medical care of Sam
Carlee Johnson - Lakeland, FL
Patrick Fama - Sudbury, MA
Kathy Baldi - Boynton Beach, FL
Judith Lisa and DJ - Wayne, NJ
M. Robin McGraw - Deepwater, NJ
Linda and Frank Koren - Darien, CT
Tom & Tracey Hill - Plantation, FL
Estella & John Mendoza - Orange, CA
Steve & Diane Vassallo - Celebration, FL
Carmella Edmundson - Olmsted Falls, OH
Michelle Acosta  - For Sam
Georgia Drimones
Mark Aguilar  - Lakewood, California
Robin Clancy
Veronica Rodriguez
Aimee Verzi
Karen Cossio
Joanne Vogel
Sandra Spencer - Ontario, Canada
Kassandra Castillo  - New Port Richey, Florida
Mary Russo - Orlando, Florida
Vicky Stokell - United Kingdom
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Johnie Corder & Paulette Sandage - Park Ridge, IL
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